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Language courses for companies


We also offer language courses for companies at the company’s headquarters or in our school


We are the only school that offers Hungarian language courses for companies operating in Warsaw

We have three types of Polish language courses, which are available according to the language requirements of the students: a Polish course with a Hungarian profile (lessons in Polish and Hungarian); Slavic profile language course (the course is in Polish by a teacher who knows several other Slavic languages at basic level); international profile (mixed groups, we teach in Polish and English)

Our services are provided by experienced native speakers

We prepare our students for Polish and Hungarian language exams, Polish foreign language center: Hungarian language center (ELTE Origo Language Center: )

We also provide language courses with economics and tourism profile

If requested, we lead a basic need analysis for the company and, on its basis, we prepare a language course

Using the newest and traditional language teaching methods we selects most most convinient elements of each to create the most effective way of teaching during the course

We focus just on the knowledge needed for students

We issue invoices

Courses can be started at any time