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Our course is designed for people who want to learn Polish online. In addition, the course has an accompanying podcast, where you will find authentic audio from everyday life published on a regular basis.

One of the questions you might ask yourself when you read this information is: what language capabilities signal that a person has achieved
an A1 level in Polish?

They can understand and utilize frequently-used, everyday expressions, as well as employ simple phrases to meet their
immediate needs.

They can introduce themselves and others and can ask and answer questions about personal details such as where they live, the things they have, and people they know.

They can interact in a simple way provided that the other person speaks slowly, clearly,
and is prepared
to cooperate.

249 PLN

(access for 2 years)


You can read more about the different language levels here:


The topics you will encounter in all A1 courses
– and in our A1 course as well – are:

  • Introductions and personal details
  • Descriptions of people
  • Professional and educational life (What do you do?)
  • Family
  • Leisure time and daily activities
  • Eating (e.g., ordering something at a restaurant), shopping
  • Describing places, houses (… it’s big/small/red/etc.)
  • Moving around places/city
  • Suggestions and requests (can you…, do you want…?).
  • Traveling/visiting places/means of transportation
  • Past events, first times, important events in your life (e.g., what you did last weekend)
  • Weather
  • Simple future events
  • Suggestions/arrangements for meeting (e.g., inviting someone somewhere)

249 PLN

(access for 2 years)

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